The Thin Line Theory


There is a thin line between success and failure. There is a thin line between life and death. There is a thin line between this and that… and the list goes on. The phrase “thin line” does seem to have its own effect. So, in an attempt to make this post a bit dramatic, I have a thin line theory of my own.

Here is a small question, is Line 2 bigger than line 1 or is Line 1 smaller than line 2. The answer to this question can talk a lot about your abilities as a team player. There are two ways to make a line bigger, make it physically bigger, or draw another smaller line next to it. Many of us, in a zeal to prove we are better, start proving our “competitor” to be worser unconsciously. I feel this is one of the worst traits for “healthy competition”. Forget about this being wrong, it can be highly embarrassing and backfire on us too. What would happen if my boss figures it out – and its easiest for the boss to figure it out by the way.

I think the best way to prove we are better is by getting better at what we do than what we were the day before. Competition with others is always a myth – I can never fully understand another persons abilities to actually compete with them. Also, I think it is easier for me to analyse my own competencies rather than another persons weaknesses. I think the easiest (and also the most durable) way for success in the “rat race” is to ensure you compete with yourself on a daily basis. Try to get better than what you were yesterday, on a daily basis. What do you think?


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