What is your default mode?


There is always a gray area between the black and white right? Most of us would like to remain in the gray area for some reason. Sometimes it could be our own indecisiveness and in some other times, it could also be insecurity. But irrespective of the fact that all humans thrive on the gray area, most of us are “branded” by the mode we display predominantly.

This mode counts dearly when we are in a corporate set up all the more. By and large, we are identified as being in one of the two modes – Open & Closed – and this is justified to an extent too.

When we are in the “open” mode, we are generally keen buyers of new ideas and willing to change our working style more often. We also readily take on that challenge, which differentiates a go-getter and a naysayer. It’s not to say we don’t say “no” to anything, but we give it our best shot before the “no”. And when we say “yes”, we give it our everything.

I know you got the point by now, but when we are in the “closed” mode, we generally prefer to stick to routine and detest change. We refer to the same formula for success in all situations despite the nature of challenges. We also only try to tweak the parameters, but not the formula, when trust upon a new situation.

There could be many other things around this, but when it comes to “branding” the attitude of a person at work, these two modes would probably be the first identifiers  for us.

So, what do you think? And what is your default mode?

Hmm… A friend just told me that there are some scientific explanations for being either, which only reinforces our “default mode” by the way.


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