What is your Ambition?


Long time back, I visualized myself doing something when I grew up, and I thought that was my ambition in life. But a lot of things changed as time passed, and I ended up not being that. But after some insight I got from observing people, reading a bit, and generally watching, there are a few “perception” changes I had, just that it came a bit late. Again, this is a perception change that I had, and if you have other opinions, please do post them.

Foremost, people talk about an ambition as though it is the end of a journey. I think it will be better if we start thinking about “ambition” as a guide and various goals being milestones in the whole journey. Some people might argue that a guiding star should be values, and ambition based on those values. Of course, I buy into that as well.

Ambition hence, I feel, need not be specific. But, there should be goals based on that ambition, which can progress as we keep achieving them. For example, getting wealthy can be an ambition, but how much wealth should probably keep changing with time.

Also, we might want to base our ambition and goals on certain principles, which should again be based certain natural laws. A desire for wealth should probably not make us follow principles that are illegal.

Another example could be, being creative could be the underlying ambition, and “painting” an outlet. Who knows, if at all we realize that creativity is the driving factor, we can even think about trying architecture or getting into music rather than just painting.

The bottom line is, ambition need not be very different to values, and need not be specific. This might help us realign from time to time, but still retain our ambition. And I don’t thinks that will make us meander as well.

As mentioned, these are my thoughts, and if anyone feels otherwise, please do post them. Would like to learn more on this.

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